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TVI-BIZ  offers a global media analysis, media buying and planning network delivering successful, cost efficient campaigns in many countries. We cover  digital media for a range of both B2B and B2C clients. We know the importance of getting the most value for your media investments and we are committed to providing your company with the very best results for every marketing dollar spent.

Experienced Media Buying.

Our number one priority is to deliver the very best ad placements at the very best costs. Our buyers embrace your media plan and strive to implement all the objectives and strategies behind it. Great buys require great focus and tenacity.


TVI-BIZ  is a full-service media planning and buying agency. We have a passion for helping organizations reach their top prospects by harnessing the power of media to build awareness and generate leads.

We are proud to help our clients make the most of every media dollar spent—TVI-BIZ has been creating & executing clever and cost-efficient media strategies that reach the right people in the right places for more than a decade.

 As an independently owned agency, we recognize that our clients are our lifeblood. We take the time to get to know you, and appreciate the opportunity to make your job—and your life—a little easier.

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Services We Offer

Retargeted Digital Ads

Retargeted Digital Ads

Retargeted Digital Ads are those ads about websites you have previously visited that seem to follow you all over the Internet. Retargeting is the process of using online advertising to stay in front people people who have visited your firm or company’s website after they have moved on to visit other places on the Internet. When used in a thoughtful, client-centric and strategic way, Retargeted Digital Ads are an effective way to leverage your advertising dollars for the biggest returns.

It’s been said that the majority of people who are looking to hire an attorney, insurance company or finance professional research several options before making a final decision. Retargeted Digital Ads make it possible for you to stay in front of these people throughout their online search for professional support. When used in conjunction with an digital advertising program to drive traffic to your website, Retargeted Digital Ads are an effective way to help convert website visitors into clients.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Imagine delivering distinctly different marketing messages to specific segments of your target audience, knowing that the messages will only be seen by the groups of people for whom they were intended. Facebook Ads brings this vision into reality by providing detailed data about the likes, interests and demographics of its vast user base. Thanks to this data, you can create and distribution specific messages – through FB Ads – for specific groups of people.

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet with more than a billion users. 72% of adults online visit the network at least once a month. As of 2014, the average time spent on Facebook by its users is 20 minutes a day. With these kinds of numbers, it is safe to say that if your firm, agency or company serves adult humans, your target audience is likely using Facebook at least once a month. If your ideal clients are using Facebook – they should find you there adding value and driving people to your website.

At TVI-BIZ, we are Facebook ninjas who can help you reach and engage with your ideal client population in a way that pre-qualifies them for services and drive them to your home base, your website.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

The professionals at TVI-BIZ are leaders in generating high quality and pre-qualified leads for dating company, online games and e.t.c. We accomplish this by leveraging the power of paid search campaigns, social marketing strategies and lead generation funnels.